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Why Choose Us

We make it simple

Building a website is confusing for most business owners. What the heck is SEO, CPC, WP, HTML5 anyway? At CanadaWebPro, our goal is to make this experience as easy as possible. We believe simplicity and empowerment is the best way for you to reach your online goals. That’s why we include our powerful proprietary tools to help not only make things easier, but also to reach your goals that much quicker. Your CanadaWebPro rep will be happy to walk you through the process and get your familiar with everything you’re going to need.

Quick turn around time

Our large team of designers means we can get your site done quickly. Most sites are near completion within 3 business days. We will give you an accurate estimate to help you plan accordingly.

On Budget

We believe all business should be empowered to have professional and effective websites at a price that fits their budget. That’s why we have a variety of options to ensure a site that can fit your needs. Our convenient payment plans means you can get started right away and you can add on to your site as your business grows. We are confident that our prices can’t be beat- so shop around! We want you to get the best value as possible, even if that means it’s not with us.


Having a great looking website is one thing- getting traffic is another. Having top rated reviews about your product is critical. Getting to the top of Google- essential. And you’ll want to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more. That’s why your CanadaWebPro rep will provide you with all the latest and most powerful tools to get you the traffic to your site that converts to customers. We believe that building a site is only a small part of the process. We will partner with you to ensure you get the traffic to your site that builds your customer base and more. As your CanadaWebPro rep about the variety of options.


Richard Wilk

I have had nothing but great experiences in my dealing with Sanjay and Canadawebpros. He is a valuable resource when needing expert advice on anything IT. The insights on website design along with the maintenance they provided was beyond expectations and also saved my company thousands of dollars. Sanjay’s willingness to work at all hours of the day and night allowed us fast turnarounds for our clients in a world where timing is everything. His company is very effective in their execution and even more so in their follow-ups. I would highly recommend Sanjay and his company to anyone needing IT guidance or web design. They will listen to you and get the job done beyond your expectations!

A Lenise

Canadawebpros is a fantastic company to work with. I have been with them since 2012 and they are personable, professional and very reliable. For the customer service they provide along with creative design, they far exceed anyone that I have worked with recently in the design and web development business. I will continue to work with them in the future and recommend them for web development services.

Esther Lafontant

Canadawebpros is a God send to my business.Since I hired them in the early years, I’ve been able to get my business to the next level.Their team is very attentive and they get the project done on time.Their level of professionalism and expert knowledge of website design and maintenance is beyond my expectation.
This company is experts on everything IT – website related. Hiring this company saved me so much money and their work is outstanding.
As a new business owner in the media my web appearance is the most important to me and having a group of people who take time to understand your point of view and apply their expertise,means the world to someone like me.
I shopped around for years and wasted lot of money on people and companies that made many promises, but never delivered. I'm so grateful i found Canadawebpros.
Thank you Canadawebpros for being a part of my team!

Elena Iosef

Canadawebpros.ca was a great choice for our organization. At the end of our project, we had a reliable, cost-effective site which was eye-catching and professional. As well, it was great to deal with the team. The response time was quick and we appreciated their support throughout the duration of the project.

Kevin McCauley

Canadawebpros.ca does great work, really impressed with these guys.


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  • How much do your Websites cost?

    Prices Starts as low as $499??
    Nothing helps a business look more professional than a proper website. We have a variety of options so that we’re affordable for any business. And our convenient payment plan allows you to build your site in stages so you can gain valuable SEO points online and getting yourself that all important landing spot online.
  • Will I be able to update the site myself?

    One of our core beliefs at CanadaWebPros.ca is to empower our clients to have a solid grasp of their website. This is why we work almost exclusively on the Word Press format, so we can show you how you can make most updates on your own. As part of our consultation process, we’ll show you how this is done.
    We charge a small update fee if you would like us to do the content updates on our own. And if you want to upgrade your site, add an off page SEO and rep management campaign, no problem! All can be added further down the road when you’re ready.
  • How long does the site take to build?

    This of course varies from site to site depending on complexity. But we’re able to get sites done quicker than most companies because of our 8 man web design team. Each member specializes in certain tasks which means you can have a functional site in as little as 24 hours. On an earlier page you state it takes 3 days for most sites and here its says from 7-10 days?
  • What about if I want to make changes to the site while it’s being built?

    We understand that sometimes we find what appears on site isn’t exactly how it was planned. That’s why we allow for a revision and someone from our team will closely manage the site with you to ensure your satisfaction. For any major upgrades or changes, we would discuss any additional fees that will incur.
  • Will I own the site?

    You will be the 100% owner of the site and its contents once the site is completed. We recommend you purchase your own hosting (approximately $10 a month) and purchasing your own domain. You are also welcome to have your site on our own servers, at $25/ year.

About Us

We might be a web design company based in Western Canada, but we have clients around the world. We started this company because we’re small business owners just like you. We found working with designers challenging and we knew there had to be a better way. CanadaWebPros was a way to help assist all types and sized businesses like yours get a great looking website and empowering you to get the traffic you need.

Our core philosophy:

We are not just dedicated to giving you a great site. We are passionate about helping you make the best of your online experience. This means empowering you to have control of your website as much as you're comfortable with. It also means helping you staying on top of how to get the greatest ROI with your Internet marketing. This is both in saving you time and money.